Anatomy, Facts & Functions

Our our our our bodies embrace fairly just a few pure methods that perform express capabilities obligatory for ceaselessly residing.

The job of the circulatory system is to maneuver blood, dietary nutritional vitamins, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and hormones, all through the physique. It consists of the middle, blood, blood vessels,arteries and veins.

The digestive system consists of a sequence of related organs that collectively, permit the physique to interrupt down and take up meals, and take away waste. It consists of the mouth, esophagus, abdomen, small gut, massive gut, rectum, and anus. The liver and pancreas furthermore play a job contained in the digestive system due to they produce digestive juices.

The endocrine system consists of eight basic glands that secrete hormones into the blood. These hormones, in flip, journey to completely utterly completely different tissues and regulate fairly just a few bodily capabilities, resembling metabolism, enchancment and sexual operate.

The immune system is the physique’s security in course of micro organism, viruses and utterly completely different pathogens that might presumably be dangerous. It consists of lymph nodes, the spleen, bone marrow, lymphocytes (together with B-cells and T-cells), the thymus and leukocytes, which will be white blood cells.

Anatomy, Facts & Functions

The lymphatic system consists of lymph nodes, lymph ducts and lymph vessels, and in addition to performs a job contained in the physique’s defenses. Its important job is to make is to make and swap lymph, a transparent fluid that accommodates white blood cells, which assist the physique wrestle an an an infection. The lymphatic system furthermore removes extra lymph fluid from bodily tissues, and returns it to the blood.


The nervous system controls each voluntary motion (like acutely aware motion) and involuntary actions (like respiratory), and sends indicators to completely utterly completely different components of the physique. The central nervous system consists of the ideas and spinal wire. The peripheral nervous system consists of nerves that be part of each utterly completely different a part of the physique to the central nervous system.

The physique’s muscular system consists of about 650 muscle groups that help in motion, blood stream and utterly completely different bodily capabilities. There are three types of muscle: skeletal muscle which is expounded to bone and helps with voluntary motion, easy muscle which is discovered inside organs and helps to maneuver substances through organs, and cardiac muscle which is discovered contained in the coronary coronary coronary heart and helps pump blood.

The reproductive system permits people to breed. The male reproductive system consists of the penis and the testes, which produce sperm. The feminine reproductive system consists of the vagina, the uterus and the ovaries, which produce eggs. All by conception, a sperm cell fuses with an egg cell, which creates a fertilized egg that implants and grows contained in the uterus.

Our our our our bodies are supported by the skeletal system, which consists of 206 bones which can be related by tendons, ligaments and cartilage. The skeleton not solely helps us swap, nonetheless it’s furthermore concerned contained in the manufacturing of blood cells and the storage of calcium. The enamel are furthermore a part of the skeletal system, nonetheless they are not thought of bones.

The respiratory system permits us to soak up important oxygen and expel carbon dioxide in a course of we establish respiratory. It consists primarily of the trachea, the diaphragm and the lungs.

The urinary system helps eradicate a waste product usually often called urea from the physique, which is produced when constructive meals are damaged down. The entire system consists of two kidneys, two ureters, the bladder, two sphincter muscle groups and the urethra. Urine produced by the kidneys travels down the ureters to the bladder, and exits the physique through the urethra.

The pores and pores and pores and skin, or integumentary system, is the physique’s largest organ. It protects us from the ground world, and is our first security in course of micro organism, viruses and utterly completely different pathogens. Our pores and pores and pores and skin furthermore helps regulate physique temperature and eradicate waste through perspiration. Along with pores and pores and pores and skin, the integumentary system consists of hair and nails.

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