Surgery How Common Is Appendicitis

Surgery How Common Is Appendicitis

Singer-songwriter John Mayer went to the medical institution this morning (Dec. 5) for an emergency appendectomy, or surgical remedy to eradicate his appendix.

Ineffective & Agency, the band Mayer is presently touring with, launched the musician’s surgical therapy on Twitter. The appendix is a small, tube-like organ linked to the large gut. The organ has no regarded attribute, however it would emerge as blocked, most crucial to swelling and irritation often known as appendicitis, per the U.S. Nationwide Library of Medicine (NLM). If someone who has appendicitis does not buy remedy, his or her appendix can burst, and an an infection can unfold inside the path of the stomach, leading to a harmful state of affairs often known as peritonitis, the NLM says.

Surgery How Common Is Appendicitis


Indicators of appendicitis embrace surprising ache on the proper facet of the lower stomach; ache that worsens once you cough, stroll or make specific jarring actions; nausea and vomiting; lack of urge for meals; and a low-grade fever that may worsen as a result of the an an infection progresses, in step with the Mayo Clinic.

Appendicitis is commonly dealt with with surgical therapy to take away the appendix. The circumstance is taken into consideration a scientific emergency, and it’s essential to take away the organ sooner than it bursts, in step with Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Anyone can get appendicitis, nevertheless the state of affairs is most widespread in individuals some time 10 to 30, consistent with the Mayo Clinic. (Mayer is forty.) The median age is 22, in step with Medscape. About 250,000 instances of appendicitis stand up each 12 months inside america, Medscape says.

Appendicitis is barely extra widespread in males than in ladies. In youngsters and youthful adults, for every three grownup males that get the circumstance, ladies get it, and in adults, it takes location 1.four events additional repeatedly in males than in ladies, consistent with Medscape.

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